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Canada's lifeguarding experts - working to prevent drowning for over 100 years

Lifesaving Society National

The Lifesaving Society is a full service provider of programs, products and services designed to prevent drowning. We save lives and prevent water-related injury through our training programs, Water Smart® public education, aquatic safety management services, lifesaving sport and water incident research.

We are a national volunteer organization and registered charity composed of tens of thousands of individual members, and over 2,000 affiliated swimming pools, waterfronts, schools, and clubs. We are a leader and partner in the delivery of water safety education throughout Canada and around the world. The Society operates globally in over 40 countries. We represent Canada internationally in the Royal Life Saving Society and the International Life Saving Federation.

In Canada, we have been teaching water safety and water rescue to Canadians since 1896. Established in England (1891) as The Swimmers' Life Saving Society, we became The Royal Life Saving Society in 1904. Today, Canadians know us as simply the Lifesaving Society.

Teaching Canadians to save themselves and rescue others
Annually, half a million Canadians participate in our swimming, lifesaving, lifeguard, first aid and leadership programs. Each year we certify thousands of instructors who provide the leadership for our training programs. Over 25,000 Canadians earn our Bronze Medallion each year. As Canada's lifeguarding experts, we set the standard for lifeguard training and certify Canada's National Lifeguards.

Making Canadians Water Smart®
The Lifesaving Society focuses research-based Water Smart® drowning prevention efforts on people most at risk - like men fishing in small boats - or on those who can make a significant difference, such as parents of young children.

We deliver Water Smart® messages through our Swim Program, through the media and through community action. Our Swim to Survive® Program provides the essential minimum skills required to survive an unexpected fall into deep water.

Setting the Standard
The Lifesaving Society establishes the aquatic safety standards and consults on aquatic safety issues for the aquatic industry, governments and the judiciary. The Society offers a suite of services to help aquatic facility operators maintain and improve safe pool and waterfront operations. We perform aquatic safety audits and serve as experts in legal cases involving aquatic safety.

Lifesaving Sport
The Lifesaving Society is the Canadian governing body for lifesaving sport - a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. We organize annual championships for junior, seniors and masters athletes and coordinate Canada's National Lifesaving Team participation in international competition.

Water Incident Research
The Lifesaving Society conducts research into fatal and non-fatal drowning, aquatic injury and rescue interventions. Ongoing research and analysis supports the Society's evidence-based water rescue training and Water Smart® education.


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