Statement on Inclusion

Lifesaving Society training programs are designed to maximize the participation and success of all individuals regardless of age, background, and ability. Lifesaving Society Affiliates and Leadership Volunteers are encouraged to use their discretion in the placement and advancement of individuals with special needs.

The Society recognizes that some individuals may be unable to achieve all the performance criteria (Must Sees) for some items. In non-vocational awards, if an individual is able to complete the item(s) with modifications or otherwise achieve the purpose statement(s), the participant should advance to the next level as long as this does not compromise the safety of the individual or others.

While the Society welcomes the participation of all in its vocational training awards, certification is based solely on the individual's ability to meet the purpose statements and the performance criteria (Must Sees).

Non-vocational awards include: Swim to Survive, Swim for Life, Canadian Swim Patrol, Junior Lifeguard Club, Bronze Medals, Distinction, Diploma, and Lifesaving Sport Clubs.

Vocational awards include: National Lifeguard Service, all Instructor awards and Instructor Trainer appointments, all First Aid awards, Boat Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and BOAT.


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