Proof of Certification

All affiliates are required to ensure that they have current "certified" staff.

Length of Currency

  • All Lifesaving Society awards are held for life; awards are current for two (2) years. Award holders need to attend a recertification course to maintain a current award.
  • Lifesaving Emergency First Aid and Lifesaving Standard First Aid are current for three (3) years and must be recertified prior to ceasing to be current. Award holders which fail to recertify prior to three (3) years are required to attend a full course to become current again.

Proof of Certification

  • Certification Cards are proof of certification. Certification cards are issued exclusively by the Society once the pre-requisites are verified and the test sheet has been processed.
  • Find-a-member Individual Record Verifications are proof of certification. Members and employers can use the "find-a-member" service on the Society website ( to verify awards as current.
  • Interim cards are provided by instructors as temporary proof of passing an award. In order to be valid, temporary cards must be clearly legible and are intended to allow you to contact the Society to verify any needed information. If employers are choosing to accept interim cards, they need to have a process in place to verify certifications prior to the 60-day expiry of the interim card.
  • Test Sheets are not proof of certification until processed by the Society.


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