Intellectual Property

The Lifesaving Society delivers high quality programs through its affiliates. Affiliates include organizations, responsible agencies, or individuals recognized by the Society who have paid a membership fee and are in good standing with the Society. It is the affiliates who actively participate in the shaping of the future Lifesaving Society programs and services.

In order to effectively deliver programs, train candidates, and examine and evaluate candidate competencies, affiliates rely on resource materials, award guides, policies, manuals, other publications, and information prepared by the Society.

To this end, Leadership Volunteers and affiliates agree not to use any material for which the intellectual property rights thereto belong to the Lifesaving Society in any manner which is abusive to the Lifesaving Society. This includes not duplicating in any manner materials without the express written permission of the Lifesaving Society; not passing Lifesaving Society material off as being the material of any other organization; and not using any intellectual property belonging to the Lifesaving Society in any manner which compromises the ability of the Lifesaving Society to recover its costs.

Leadership Volunteers and affiliates who make use of program materials are bound by the terms of the license governing the particular program or service.


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