Code of Conduct

The Lifesaving Society's Code of Conduct for Leadership Volunteers:

  • provides leadership volunteers with guidelines for professional behaviour related to their roles within the Lifesaving Society; and
  • provides terms of reference when seeking solutions to complaints and disputes.

Throughout this code, "Leadership Volunteers" shall include all Lifesaving Society Instructors/ Examiners, Instructor Trainers, and Coaches.

Leadership Volunteers commit themselves to the Lifesaving Society mission and to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as representatives of the Lifesaving Society.

1. Prepare and maintain a learning environment suitable to the abilities, interests, and needs of the students. Ensure their physical safety, including following instructions provided by parents or medical practitioners.

2. Treat people with respect:

  • communicating with empathy, diplomacy, discretion, and justice;
  • maintaining confidentiality of personal information;
  • without discrimination based on age, gender, religion, ethnicity, physical, mental or emotional ability, sexual orientation, financial ability, or any other grounds;
  • without insult, assault, harassment, foul language or gesture.

3. Strive to improve professionally; innovation and creativity are encouraged within the parameters of the Program Model Design. Leadership Volunteers are encouraged to exchange ideas and information with each other and the Society. Recognize that program lesson plans are effective and based on research, but quality instruction and other activities can also achieve the outcomes.

4. Maintain the integrity of Lifesaving Society programs by:

  • clearly representing the position of the Lifesaving Society;
  • teaching and evaluating skills, knowledge, fitness, and judgment according to program standards;
  • adhering to the Lifesaving Society program guidelines, rules, policies, and procedures; and
  • reporting issues directly to the Lifesaving Society, avoiding public criticism.

5. Prepare candidates for action and service in the community beyond our instructional setting.


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