Aquatic Procedures Manual


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1. Anti-Entrapment Template

2. Safety and Supervision Plan Template

3. Future Templates to be added in 2017 include:

  • Water Quality Management Plan
  • Public Education Plan
  • Cleaning and Sanitization Plan

All rights reserved. Individual copies of these template documents may be downloaded from the Lifesaving Society website for use by aquatic facility owners and owner's agents. Reproduction of this document for other purposes, by any means, requires permission from the Lifesaving Society.









Safety Management

If it's Foreseeable, it's Preventable

Faced with the potential for multi-million dollar lawsuits, public and private aquatic facility owner/ operators are being increasingly proactive in assessing and managing risks in their aquatic environments (swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs, water parks or beaches). The Lifesaving Society believes that many incidents are foreseeable and, therefore, preventable. The Lifesaving Society Aquatic Safety Management services provide facility owner/operators with the information, tools and support services needed to provide a safe environment for their aquatic facility users. These services are also valuable for organizations who may not own or operate aquatic facilities, but need aquatic safety management services. This may include levels of government, health authorities, community groups, and private individuals or companies.

As Canada's lifeguarding expert, the Lifesaving Society conducts research to establish aquatic safety standards and consults on public safety issues. The Society clarifies standards and interprets regulations for facility operators, sets public safety standards for the aquatic industry, advises government and serves as an expert in legal cases involving aquatic safety issues.

The Society currently offers Aquatic Safety Management Services in four areas:

  • Aquatic Safety Audits
  • Facility Design and Operation Consultation
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Safety Standards





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