2016 Barrier Free Swim to Survive Initiative Survey

 The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) Commonwealth celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2016.  Survival swimming was a landmark initiative for the 125th anniversary and was also the focus of the Society's 2016 Water Smart® campaign. This year's focus was providing barrier-free Swim to Survive® to the public.  Swim to Survive® provides the essential minimum skills required to survive an unexpected fall into deep water and is a proven method to prevent drowning.

 As we close off this year's special Royal Life Saving Society 125th anniversary campaign, the Lifesaving Society will be awarding one hundred and twenty five (125) RLSS Commonwealth Service Certificates in Alberta and the Northwest Territories to organizations and individuals who have provided (or plan to provide) a barrier free Swim to Survive® initiative in 2016. Examples include offering the Swim to Survive program in an aquatic setting (wet initiative), education initiative or providing Swim to Survive promotional material (dry initiative).

Please complete the following brief survey if you have provided (or plan to provide) a Swim to Survive® experience in 2016.  You, or your organization, will be in the running to receive one of the 125 special RLSS Commonwealth Service Certificates!



2016 marked the 125th Anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Life Saving Society in 1891. To mark the anniversary year, the Society established a number of programs including:

Survival Swimming

A challenge to all Commonwealth nations to implement and ensure the widespread provision of survival swimming skills, a proven method of preventing drowning.

Recognition of Service to the Society 

Our Commonwealth President has graciously established the H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent, 125th Anniversary Certificate of Merit to honour individuals who have given distinguished service to the Society. In addition, a unique 125th Anniversary Service Certificate has been created for Member Branches to honour individuals who have contributed to the drowning prevention mission of the RLSS.

Gathering and Sharing our History 

The collection and documentation of Commonwealth and Member Branch history, particularly from the past twenty-five years, thereby strengthening the record of milestones and achievements we leave for others.

Celebration and Educational Events 

Bringing together senior and emerging leaders of the Commonwealth lifesaving family to share learning and develop skills and expertise.

Throughout 2016 member countries from across the Commonwealth took part in the celebrations and provided their own events and activities.


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