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Supervision, Evaluation, and Enhancement (SEE) Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update

Who is affected:  SEE Auditors and Affiliate Delivery Partners

The SEE Auditor program has been reviewed and updated.  The Lifesaving Society is committed to maintaining quality assurance of our Safety Management programs and services.

The Society has prepared the SEE Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update Guide which summarizes the specific changes to SEE Audit Reports, SEE Audit Process, SEE Auditor Re-certification process and updated policies and procedures.  The guide also outlines the process and specific timeline by which the mandatory update must be implemented (see Implementation Timeline below).  The changes to the SEE Auditor program maintain National consistency, transferability of the SEE Auditor certification and incorporate learning to best support affiliates and aquatics staff. 

The SEE Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update will be completed by SEE Auditors through a distance process.  SEE Auditors who have completed the distance process are required to submit a SEE Auditor Program 2017 Mandatory Update Individual Agreement (contained within the SEE Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update Guide) to the Lifesaving Society.

Implementation Timeline


Effective Date

SEE Auditor Courses are delivered using updated content

November 1, 2016

SEE Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update Launch

March 14, 2017

Updated SEE Audit Reports available

March 14, 2017

Current certified SEE Auditors who have completed the Mandatory Update conduct SEE Audits using updated process

March 14, 2017


There is no deadline to complete the SEE Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update.  However, SEE Auditors must have completed the update to be eligible to re-certify SEE Auditor and to conduct SEE Audits effective immediately.

SEE Auditor Re-certification

SEE Auditor Re-certification is now completed through a distance process.  The distance re-certification process is:

  1. Complete and review the Lifesaving Society Distance Recertification Form.
  2. Submit the completed form and payment to the Lifesaving Society by mail or to

Distance Re-certification Requirements

  • Be in good standing with the Lifesaving Society
  • Complete Mandatory Updates (as required)
  • Review and understand Code of Conduct and Roles and Responsibilities
  • Use current literature and materials (as required)

The distance re-certification process and distance re-certification form have been included in the SEE Auditor Program - 2017 Mandatory Update Guide.

The Lifesaving Society will provide ongoing support to SEE Auditors and Affiliate Delivery Partners throughout the mandatory update implementation.

2017 Canadian Championships

Registration is now open for the 2017 Canadian Championships including: Canadian Lifeguard Emergency Response Championships (CLERC) and Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships.  For more information, to register as an athlete or to apply as an official please click HERE.

 Lifejackets are Available to Order

The Lifesaving Society has partnered with Cross Country Parts Distributors in Calgary who provide lifejackets. Their supplier is STEARNS® who manufacture Antimicrobial Classic Nylon Vests that are Transport Canada Approved.  Please note that the supplier requires 3 weeks to ship the lifejackets.

The lifejackets are available in Red or Blue and are available in infant, child, youth, adult (universal) and oversize.

Lifejackets can be ordered through the SHOP.


Register to Attend the World Drowning Prevention Conference

Come together in Vancouver, Canada with the world's drowning experts in research, education and action to find the best approaches, techniques and quality technologies to reduce the global drowning burden. Register now for early bird pricing!  WCDP 2017 provides an opportunity to report on progress in answering to the ten actions to prevent drowning as outlined in the 2014 World Health Organization's Global Report on Drowning.

To register please visit



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