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To look up your Lifesaving Society record, enter your Member number below and click the View Record button. You need not release your Lifesaving Society Member Id to anyone else. To view all your certifications - current and non-current - remove the check mark from the "Current Only" box. Others can verify the accuracy of your record by entering the verification code at the bottom of the printed record.

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Member Record Verification


To verify a previously downloaded record of any Lifesaving Society member in Alberta or the Northwest Territories enter the verification code from the bottom of the record in the spaces below and click the Verify Record button.

Verification Code:

Proof of Certification

  • Certification Cards are proof of certification. Certification cards are issued exclusively by the Society once the pre-requisites are verified and the test sheet has been processed.
  • Find-a-member Individual Record Verifications are proof of certification and are considered equivalent to a certification card.
  • Interim Cards and Test Sheets are NOT proof of certification

Having Problems?

Having Problems?

Having problems with your member or verification code? Your code may includes both numbers and letters. Look carefully at the code as the I and 1 look very similar, as do the O and 0.

The Lifesaving Society offers this innovative service as an exclusive benefit to support our individual and affiliate members.


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